About Alhambra Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Assistance

Bail Bonds Jail ReleaseAlhambra Bail Bonds has been successfully serving the community for many years. Our highest priority is to always provide our clients with the quickest, and most reliable services available.

Our clients are guaranteed that they will only ever be dealing with licensed, professional bail agents, who have years of experience. We are thoroughly familiar with the California judicial system, and assist families and friends who are dealing with the difficulty of an arrest.

Why Should We Choose Alhambra Bail Bonds?

  • We provide 24 hour house calls. Our professional agents are on call, on a 24/7 basis.  They are always ready to serve anyone in the local community who requires bail bond assistance.  There is no need to even visit our office, as our agents will meet you at the jail.  This is just another way we can make the experience a little easier for you, and provide a complete bail bond service.
  • We take the lowest possible down payment on any bail. We can even take a NO MONEY DOWN, to ensure our clients will get through this tough time
    , as simply, and as smoothly as possible.
  • We post bails all over the United States. We have fully licensed agents located in every single state that bail bonds are accepted.  If you have a family member, or friend who has been arrested in California, we are ready and able to assist you with posting bail.
  • We work with some of the most respected defense attorneys in the state of California.  Following the release of your family member, or friend from custody, we can also assist with an abundance of attorneys who are able to represent our clients with their defense, and through the jungle that is the legal system.

Our Reputation

Alhambra Bail Bonds is an industry leader in California, and local community. We are a fully licensed Bail Bond Corporation, with professional agents throughout the Southern California area.
There are many bail bond companies to choose from these days, so we not only appreciate you selecting us, we relish the opportunity to demonstrate why we are the premium bail bond company in Southern California.We pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism.  Our clients are always our top priority, and delivering excellent customer service is our main goal.

Our mission is to:

  • Respond promptly and efficiently to our clients and show them with honesty and compassion.
  • Maintain the very highest standards, not compromise our integrity, or do anything to jeopardize our clients’ trust.  We fully realize that our reputation is all we have, so we will always treat our clients with professionalism and respect regardless of their situation or circumstances.
  • Our bail agents will always dress professionally, and thus display the complete professionalism that we are renowned for.

If you have any questions. contact Alhambra Bail Bonds today at 626-628-8340 and we will be happy to discuss any needs you may have.